Dr. Bill's "Fingerspelling CD" is now included on the "Superdisk" (DVD)

A while back an ASL student emailed me and asked if I'd put the asl.ms receptive fingerspelling tool on a disk because she had a slow connection and she also wanted to be able to practice when she was away from an internet connection. So I started putting a disk together and thought, "What the heck, I might as well include everything I've got on fingerspelling."  I didn't realize how much stuff I had until I gathered it all in the same place. 

So, if you like the fingerspelling testing page at "asl.ms" -- you will probably love my Fingerspelling disk.  Since bandwidth isn't an issue when using the disk--the images of my hand are 400 pixels by 400 pixels, (almost twice as big as the images on the asl.ms site). 

I have added the "Fingerseek" disk (the word search puzzles that use fingerspelling font) to my "Superdisk" which is available over at Lifeprint.com.  Click here for more info: Superdisk


An ASL student writes:
Dear Dr. Bill,
Would you mind sharing briefly what is included on the fingerspelling disk?
Thanks I appreciate it!!

Dear ASL Hero,
Hello :)
The Fingerspelling CD  Superdisk (DVD) contains the various ASL resource materials I have developed over the years. Here is a list of the main links on the fingerspelling area of the disk:

► About Fingerspelling (discussion pages)
► Fingerspelled Alphabet 
► ABC Slider Tool
► Test my receptive fingerspelling skills (This is based on the ASL.ms website)
► How do you spell ____ ?
► Practice quizzes
► Spelling quizzes
► Animated Spelling quizzes
► Fingerseeks (word search)
► Practice sheet
Fingerspelling Font

Plus a lot more. (I kid you not, there are over 10,000 files on that disk, true, many of them are jpegs and gifs but still, that is a lot of content gathered from over 20 years of teaching ASL).
Note: The DVD is in PC format but people have told me it works on a Mac because the files are the same types of files used for web-pages (html, javascript, gif, etc.).  Feel free to open the disk on a PC, copy the contents to a USB drive, and transfer them to a Mac.  (Actually an ASL student recently did that and sent me instructions.  See the "support" file on the disk for more information).
Since the disk is based on my web sites so if ASL.ms works in your internet browser -- the files also work if you put them on your local hard drive (and give them permission to run). Quite a few people have emailed me that they have done this.
-- Dr. Bill

For more information or to get the disk, click here: Superdisk

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